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Film Studies
Due Date: 3/30/2020
Subject: Film Studies

Hello Film Studiers:

For those of you who may not have your worksheets at home, here are some links you can review that tie directly into things we have already discussed or will discuss in the future. We have not gotten to our Academy Award unit yet, so these links are good to prepare for that time. The last link is the longest video. It is a movie montage that establishes the backstory for End Game.

If you do not have your worksheets, but a friend does, you may have them take a pic and text it to you. You can write the answers on a regular sheet of paper and turn in later.

If you have no way to access the worksheets I handed out, just watch these, and write one paragraph about each video. Please include your opinions.

You will turn in four paragraphs when we go back to school. Please email with any questions at