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Custom Page 

Welcome to Biology 1!  The purpose of this web page is to help students and parents keep up with assignments in my classes.  There will be extra assignments and web pages for review also.  There are end of course tests for Biology 1, so students need to be prepared for those tests in May.

 If you are studying for the SOL Retake, Please go to the PRESENTATION page  and select the Powerpoint:  SOL Review for Remediation 2018.  (Its at the bottom of the list).  Use this powerpoint along with the review worksheet I have given to you.  You may also use the other presentations on SOL review to help you.

 Check the "Announcements" for Extra Credit opportunities!


IF WE ARE OUT OF SCHOOL DUE TO SNOW OR FOR OTHER REASONS:   You may receive an assignment through your Schoology account.  Be sure to follow instructions to complete this assignment.  Information about Schoology is in the Assignments Section.

Otherwise, check "Forms" for scanned assignments.  If you can't print the form, just answer the questions on your own paper and turn them in when due.