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Graham H.S. Spanish 1 Schedule  

1st Period   8:10-9:05 Room 118

2nd Period  9:10-10:00  Planning

3rd Period   10:05-10:55  Room 115

4th Period    11:00-11:50 Room 114




Welcome Spanish 1 Students  


First let me say just how excited I am to be on this journey with you! I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you excel and move on to Spanish 2 next year.   I am sure that many of you wonder why even learn a second language, well because it makes you marketable, and it helps you see the world from a different perspective.  How exciting is that?

Remember that you can become anything that you set your mind to.  You simply have to be willing to work hard and NEVER give up.

Together we will make this course experience a positive one, we will find time to have fun and learn so much from such a beautiful language.

As you learn, I am also learning, I will do all I can to help each and everyone of you soar and we will raise the bar to be the very best in what we do in Spanish 1.

All I ask is that you give it your all, always be honest and respectful.  I promise to do the same.

At your service,

Sra. Blankenship