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Tickets are on sale in the office for the Graham/Beaver game.

$6 each

Skip the long lines and purchase them before the game!



Parent Survey (Click Here)


Parents, thank you for completing this survey. When selecting your child's school and grade level, please choose the school and grade he/she attended LAST year (2015-2016). For example, if your son is currently a 9th grader at Graham High School, you will complete the survey for the 2015-16 school year by selecting Graham Middle School and 8th grade. 

If you have more than one child enrolled in Tazewell County Public Schools, please complete the survey for each school that your children attend. Your answers are anonymous and confidential. Data collected from the survey will be used in the school's and district's accreditation and improvement process. Thank you for your participation. 


Breakfast & Lunch prices for 2016-17

Breakfast - $1.15

Adult Breakfast - $1.65

Lunch - $2.35  

Adult Lunch - $3.35 

Reduced Breakfast is $0.30 and Reduced Lunch is $0.40

Milk stayed the same $0.55


Proactive Health Information for Middle and High School Nurses Tattooing and Body Art, Lice and Meningitis by Michele Hubbard,...